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We partnered with Hunt to bring in a male perspective to coaching.  But what he brought is much more. He offers clients strategic tools and key strategies to use during the dating process. He is able to assess someone’s strengths and challenges in one session and have them walk away with strategies they can immediately apply to be successful. We have referred Hunt 4 clients so far that were having challenges getting second dates and ALL 4 got second dates. They ALL walked away with greater insight and excited to proactively practice what they learned. Hunt does not over complicate the process but gives clear insight and tools that facilitates learning and strategy, making it super easy and motivational.  His coaching can offer an incredibly productive and fun path to successful dating. – Lisa Clamppit
Hunt is a great resource for my clients. He’s helped them “unlock the fun” of dating and improve their first and second impressions. I’m proud to have him a part of our matchmaking and coaching programs because he brings value to what we do. He’s been a fundamental part of our clients’ success stories. – Maria Avgitidis Pyrgiotakis, Agape Match
Hunt is one of the most notable and leading dating coaches in the industry with over 12 years of experience coaching thousands of singles. Not only is he a coach to hundreds of singles seeking his advice, he also collaborates with top matchmakers and their elite clients making matchmaking a more enjoyable and successful process. – Carmelia Ray
Hunt is one of the top male Date Coaches in the relationship space right now.  I have been in this industry for over 6 years, and have come across countless male Date Coaches who have always rubbed me the wrong way; there was always an underlying misogyny that was present when we really broke down their values. With Hunt, he shares the wholesome values of our company, and is not only reliable, but incredibly professional when he is working with our Clients. Hunt has a wonderful personality and attitude, and can work with even the most challenging of Clients. — Alessandra Conti, owner Matchmakers In The City
Hunt Ethridge is the REAL deal! All dating and relationship coaches aren’t created equal; he is among the best of the best. Trust me, I know this, as I have worked in the love industry for the past fifteen years. There is something special about Hunt. He is a leader who is knowledgeable on all things dating and relationships. With a warm and down to earth personality, he has a way of connecting with even the most challenging clients.
One of the very first clients I referred him spoke so highly of him! I knew Hunt would be a great help to this gentleman-who was a former matchmaking client of mine- but I didn’t realize the extent of it until I tried to present this client with an introduction to a woman who I thought would be a good match for him. He got so much value out of just a few sessions with Hunt that he refused the introduction! He thought the woman was attractive but preferred to test out all he learned from Hunt to attract women on his own first! I will recommend Hunt again and again!
Rachel Russo Rachel Russo Relationships